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Your body needs to recover quickly following a workout or your workout may hove been a waste of time. We know that is a bold statement, but it is true. Millions of people workout hard and never see any real changes

with their bodies because they get them – GET NUTRITION RIGHT.

WHAT DO WE MEAN?photo of a blueberry smoothie

Calories ingested within 30 minutes post-workout ore not used the some way as the rest of the calories ore used throughout the day. Post-workout calories refuel the glycogen (stored sugar) that your body used during exercise. Even if you ore trying to burn fat, you need to replace calories NOW.

Lots of people just drink water after a workout. This mistake forces your body into a catobolic (muscle-wasting) state which means that you ore burning muscle for energy instead of carbs (and certainly not fat!) Lower muscle moss means you will hove a lower metabolism. Over time this makes it harder and harder to burn fat because you hove less muscle to keep your metabolism high. Drinking a post-workout Recovery Shake will quickly provide energy, keep your metabolism high and in turn burn fat and build muscle. The secret is paying attention to what you did (calories you burned) while you exercised and replacing those calories in your post-workout Recovery Shake.

Logo that says What's in this shake?Because post-workout calories ore so important, we wonted to make sure that every ingredient in our shakes is pure and natural. Everything here at our juice bar is now l 00% real and free from synthetic sweeteners and artificial additives. We soy that we hove the purest and most beneficial shakes found anywhere – GUARANTEED! Not only do we wont you to achieve your goals, but we wont you around for a long, long time. Remember, nutrition is 80% of the bottle. Drink your Recovery Shake within 30 minutes of your workout, and then time your next whole-foods based, healthy meal for one hour later. Enjoy your results, and enjoy your new body. Eat well!

Project PFC Mission Statement: The caring partner displaying this Information is a proud member of Project: PFC. Our mission Is to provide the simplest, most delicious foods to everybody everywhere. We select natural, whole and minimally-processed foods, drinks and supplements free from all artificial junk, yet rich with nature’s goodness. Using current research and educational materials, we’re making the world of nutrition “Simple Again”. Eat Well. Live Well (and Long).

I have been a fan of the Durham NH Smoothie bar for years! they taste good because of the natural, whole-food ingredients