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ANTIOXIDANTS – Why You Need Them

Muscle growth occurs during the recovery phase after an exercise session. Antioxidants are great for boosting recovery because they bind to the Free Radicals produced during your workout before they can cause cellular damage. Antioxidants also help in strengthening cell membranes. By avoiding damage to your muscles, you allow for more growth than would be possible if damage were allowed to occur.


  • Antioxidants keep Free Radicals from forming and also stop certain metals, like copper, cadmium, mercury and lead from initiating
  • Antioxidants intercept Free Radicals that are formed through natural body functions, as well as those introduced to our bodies from the
  • Antioxidants can build up second and third lines of
  • Antioxidants eliminate and replace molecules that have been damaged beyond

Some Antioxidants are enzymes produced by the body, while others are nutrients that come from our diets. Swiig Supplement PhotoExperts concur, increasing the amount of Antioxidants obtained through diet is particularly important for people who train hard. Typically, the greatest concentrations of Antioxidants are found in dark or brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Try eating more citrus fruits, nuts & seeds, berries, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and legumes. Don’t forget, immediately following your workout, throw in a scoop of the ‘Get Recovered’. This powerful blend of Antioxidants and L-Glutamine will speed recovery and help you to achieve your fitness goals faster than you ever dreamed.

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