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I hear Soy Protein is good. How does it compare with other proteins?

All proteins are important and combining different proteins throughout the day is equally as important. Protein comes in many forms; i.e. Whey, Soy, Casein, Egg, Meat, Fish, Legumes, the list goes on. What you need to know is how bio-available the source is and its origin. Whey Protein and Egg Protein are the kings because they are the most bio-available. Fish and meats are next and somewhere in the middle. Soy is derived from a soybean plant and is not as bio-available as whey. In fact, swiig Daily Whey Protein Matrix on your shelf is actually over 104% bio-available, whereas Soy Protein is only 50-55% bio-available.

In addition, all Soy products contain Phytoestrogens, which may mess with your hormones if consumed regularly. It may be fine for post-menopausal women, but for everyone else, if you eat too much and you may feel the impact.

I have been a fan of the Durham NH Smoothie bar for years! they taste good because of the natural, whole-food ingredients