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What about other add-ins or supplements, is post-workout a good time to add them to my shake?

Absolutely. Remember, timing is everything. In the first 30 minutes immediately following a workout, your muscle cells are starving. You’ve used up virtually every gram of glycogen and with each lost gram of glycogen you lose 2.7 grams of water. When given high-glycemic carbs during this small window, nutrients are sucked up into your muscle fibers. This is a great time to add Creatine, L-Glutamine, Antioxidants, Calcium – you name it. It really depends on your goals and where you are right now. Tailor these nutrients to help you maximize your workout and achieve your goals faster than you’d ever imagined.

I have been a fan of the Durham NH Smoothie bar for years! they taste good because of the natural, whole-food ingredients