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What is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone that your pancreas releases when you are digesting food. Insulin enters the blood stream, attaching to sugar molecules and shuttles them off to various parts of the body; i.e. brain, muscles, FAT! When you eat high GI foods like processed foods or foods that are high in sugar, and you do this often, the pancreas floods the blood stream with insulin to take the extra sugars out, and then stores them as fat. Diets that continually force the pancreas to release insulin in these elevated amounts, cause a reduced sensitivity to insulin. Sooner, not later, your body’s cells may not process this valuable hormone any longer. This is the beginning stages of Type 2 Diabetes.

Remember, you and you alone control this by your diet. Eat too much sugar or processed foods as a lifestyle and you will have long-term negative implications. Conversely, eat a well-balanced diet on a regular basis, then cheat once in a while – say once a week; and your body will store those added empty calories as extra glycogen in the muscles. Teach your body to store sugar calories as fat and that’s what happens. Eat responsibly as a habit and your body remembers that. Understand too, your body would much rather make the simple chemical conversion from sugar to glycogen instead of the very complex chemical conversion of sugar to fat. So, watch what you eat, sugar is hidden in many things and will force your body to do things that will make you scratch your head.

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