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StrawberryFreeze-drying is a dehydration process used to preserve a perishable Avacado material (let’s say a strawberry) and make it more freight-friendly. The process works by flash-freezing the strawberry and then reducing the surrounding pressure to extract the frozen water and turn it to gas.

Freeze-drying has several advantages over other food preservation methods, like freezing, canning or typical dehydration. Freeze-drying preserves freshness, color and nutrients like freezing does, while providing the shelf-stable convenience of canned or dehydrated food. You end up with a pretty, red, delicious nutrient-dense strawberry that lasts a long time and doesn’t cost a lot to ship.

Tastes Fresh Freeze-dried foods, like frozen, retain virtually all their fresh-food taste and nutritional content. Freeze-drying removes the water, not the flavor, and they…

Look Fresh kaleFreeze-dried foods maintain their original shape and texture, unlike dehydrated foods, which shrink and shrivel due to high-temperature processing. Freeze-drying removes water under low temperatures (typically about 100° – 130° F), which keeps intact the moisture channels and food fibers. Enzymatic or bacterial breakdown cannot occur at such low temperatures, and chemical changes in general are minimized so the foods…

Are Alive Foods that are flash-frozen retain their nutritional value, including the original amount of minerals and vitamins and other important biological materials. Because they are flash frozen the nutrients aren’t stripped and they…Blueberry


Stay Fresh Freeze-dried foods can be stored at room temperature, without deterioration or spoilage. This is because freeze-drying and packaging remove both water and oxygen – the two primary causes of food deterioration.

I have been a fan of the Durham NH Smoothie bar for years! they taste good because of the natural, whole-food ingredients