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Working out in the gym but seeing no results? Hmmm…is it possible that your diet could be the culprit?

A 39 year old woman by the name of Theresa was trying to figure out why she couldn’t lose that last eight pounds; she had been
trying unsuccessfully for six months. She was in the gym six days a week, working out with
a personal trainer doing cardio and weight resistant training. She was doing everything
right; or was she?
Although she busted her hump in the gym, when asked her about her diet, we discovered
she made just about every mistake you could make; No breakfast — No recovery shake
after a workout — No high protein bed time snack — She skipped Meals — And the coup’
de gras — she was only eating about 1150 calories a day! But she said, “I feel good?”
Ugh! Her Basil Metabolic Rate is about 1400 calories a day. Throw in all of your daily
activities not to mention exercise and her total daily calorie expenditure was around 2500
calories! Theresa was in a constant state of starvation, her body stored more calories as
fat. Her body had adapted a physiological response to convert protein and carbohydrates
immediately to fat. Those nutrients have other very important purposes. Her body adjusted
to the diet she forced it to have, so in an effort to find balance, her body and mind adjusted
too. She felt fine, but on the inside a war raged on. In an effort for her body accommodate
all of her daily activities as well as cellular reconstruction; it pulled the nutrients from
other parts of her body — a tissue, gland, organ or bone. Yes, her body temperature was
a steady 98.6 and she had clear mental thought, but other parts of her body had to suffer.
Her body held on to that last eight pounds with a vengeance.
It became impossible to lose that last eight pounds because Theresa’s body was simply not
getting enough calories to satisfy all the other demands she imposed on herself. So how
did Theresa change her life?
recommended Theresa simply add about 10% more calories a week
into her diet for about six weeks until she reached at least 2000
calories. To add 850 calories a day over night would have
caused her body to store those extra calories as fat. This
process of adding calories had to be a slow process.
Everything takes time. In addition, she started eating
breakfast, eating every 2.5 hours and always recovering
within 30 minutes of her workout with a Recovery Shake.
Ta dah! Theresa is 10 pounds lighter today. She has more
energy than ever and is bringing in a greater variety of foods
accompanied by a greater variety of nutrients. She looks
great and feels great and she says, doesn’t catch colds any
more. This could be you too. Don’t starve yourself. Take hold
of your life and make a real commitment to yourself.

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